Kyle HeadshotIf we met for coffee, this is what I’d want to know.

Do you feel stuck by the lack of clarity related to your next steps? Unsure of how you fit in your current role?

Or maybe you wish you were in a more stable situation where you could invest more time creating, writing, speaking, networking, honing your craft, or pursuing your passion. That may seem impossible, because we all know, life happens.

You know something needs to change, or you’ll burn out. If nothing changes you’ll continue living with less. Less time with family, less time with friends, less time exploring the world and making discoveries. So, what can you do?

Your hard-earned skills and experience can unlock the freedom you desire and the impact you’d like to make.  Where to start? Ask yourself a few questions.

What keeps you up at night?

A good place to start is by thinking about the things you don’t want to think about. Those thoughts that keep you up at night…

  • “If things continue like this, what will it cost me?”
  • “How do I start over after ____ years in this industry?”
  • “How do I figure out my next step?”
  • “How do I promote myself without sounding cheesy?”
  • “How can I grow to land my next job?”

There is a process that can help answer these questions.

It’s not related to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anything that might go viral. In fact, you already have much of the information you need. You just need help translating it. Here’s the answer:

Leveraging your past to create your future.

I’m not talking about living in your past. Who wants to relive 7th grade? I’m talking about looking at your story; the victories, lessons, mentors, challenges, experiences, struggles, dreams, passions, places and people that have made you, you. Then seeing how and where they connect to give yourself new steps to take. Steps that bring you further along your unfolding story. Looking at themes that tie your seemingly random skills and experiences together into an action plan to get you un-stuck and moving in confidence.

5 great reasons we should talk…today.

  • You need a specialist:  someone that cares and works at connecting your passions, gifts, burdens and talents so can can get un-stuck.
  • You need a new voice:  someone with perspective, that can help communicate where you are and where you want to be…it’s hard to see the forest when you’re staring at a tree.
  • You need a reliable partner:  someone who is excited by your success, wins when you win, and has helped others move into new levels of leadership.
  • You need a time multiplier:  someone that can work behind-the-scenes so you can focus on doing the things only you can do.
  • You need an artist:  someone who sees the big picture of you and can connect all the disparate elements into comprehensive and clear action steps.

Like you, I’ve been stuck …

For 20 years, my career was in vocational ministry. I traveled the world, opened new venues, and was working out of my gifts and passions. I enjoyed teams I was serving with and the people I ministered to. I was moving up the leadership ladder, with increased scope, responsibility and freedom to create.

But, the story behind the story was that while everything looked good on the outside, on the inside I was struggling. I started to feel stagnate. It seemed like the organization didn’t invest in what I valued. I wanted to help people discover their gifts. I wanted to help teams succeed- even thrive, under stressful deadlines, personality conflicts, or lack of focus.

It came to a head in March of 2014. The organization and I were speaking different languages. We were on different pages. My story was being edited without my permission. I realized I didn’t want to do this anymore.

Up to that point, life had seemed static. That’s what made clarity so challenging. I was stuck, just spinning around in an eddy. We all know life isn’t static. Words related to static even sound bad. Buried. Hung up. Static cling. Why would I want to be a clinger? Why would I settle for static? Finally, I asked an important question, “How did I get here?”

I am now free to pursue my future, using my experiences, talents and passions.

You are unique and gifted to make a unique contribution.

You and I both know that life isn’t static. It’s not linear. It’s totally dynamic. There is power, energy, and motion. Real life is about moving…with a purpose. Grabbing your board to surf the waves. Tying your shoes to run the race. It’s about instinct. Action. Passion. Discovery.

If you’ve made it this far, you have skills you haven’t thought of or tapped into.

You being you…the unstuck version is what I’m talking about. You are designed to make a unique impression…a unique impact. Don’t let others edit your story. Don’t let others define who you are and what you bring to the table.

My mission is to help you connect your past and present…so you can move with confidence into your future. I’ve honed my skills to help those that know they were made for something more than they are experiencing. More than just spinning in place.

Today is the day to take the next step.

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