Kyle HeadshotI’m a consultant, business coach, and creative strategist. My specialty is positioning people and organizations for increased impact, personal and organizational growth, and an ability to see and connect themes . I bring executive expertise to my clients as director of a growing nonprofit in Southern California.

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My story. Your story.

My career has been spent in various forms of ministry, organizational leadership, and art. Born and raised in Southern California, I grew up at the beach and enjoying art classes at school. To the horror of my parents, I eventually graduated with a degree in Art and ended my university studies finger-painting with oil paints.

While I didn’t end up a professional artist, my creativity, leadership and travel experiences have been integral in helping organizations connect their mission and vision, create new products, plan events, strengthen branding, and use multimedia to connect with customers. My story helps move your story forward.

Expanding perspectives.

Upon completing my degree, I traveled as an artist and pilgrim. Traveling to over 25 countries has grown my perspective, ingrained a deep appreciation for culture differences, and served as a catalyst for mentoring and helping people connect the dots in life. I enjoy meeting new people, being in diverse settings, and creating solutions to hurdles that naturally come up. Traveling helped me craft skills in communication, influence, empathy, collaboration, trust building, nuance, and personal development.

Ministry to marketplace.

I’ve served in various marketplace and vocational ministry roles from 1992 to the present. These experiences uniquely equipped me for coaching, organizational leadership, and consulting others in dynamic situations. I have also been a featured public speaker and emcee for groups from 20 to 2000, speaking on behalf of causes that impact our world.

Realizing I could help more than one organization, I’ve recently branched out with a concentration in organizational development and personal growth. Consulting was a natural next step, given my love for people, travel and new experiences.

Directing and dreaming.

My current position is president and founder of a growing nonprofit focused on helping people and organizations connect the dots to greater effectiveness. I enjoy that all components of my skill set are working together:  organizational leadership, creative strategy, consulting, art direction, team dynamics, teaching and speaking.

My past and current experiences as a director and executive gives my clients the advantage of a proven leader in the areas of team development, coaching, and strategies to move brands forward. To date, I’ve helped non-profit individuals and teams raise over $2M for their causes.

I continue to travel, consult, and serve as a catalyst for quality people and organizations to use their talents to impact the world.

Family guy.

My wife Wendy and I have been married for twenty-one years and have three incredible kids. We enjoy travel, tasty food, and strong coffee. Summer is our favorite time of year, probably because we love to spend time at the beach. I bleed Dodger blue and the only football team I follow is the Collingwood Magpies.

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